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GPC Xtra Bio-Organic Fertilizer (QTY – 1KG)

It's an essential component of plant growing soil, contributing to its biological, physical, and chemical properties. Promotes great diversity with the activity of organisms and better soil structure formation. This also enhances soil fertility. And act as a great source of mobility for bacteria and increase the availability of other nutrients in the soil which could enhance the growth of plants. Such are the basic needs of the soil and help it to increase its yield. Contents: Organic Matter = 30% Nitrogen = 1% Humic Acid = 12% Sulphur = 5% P2O2 = 1% K2O = 1% Application Method: Generally Broadcasting over the topsoil. These recommendations could vary according to the soil characteristics and conditions of the location. Note: Do not mix with any oil substance or any product containing calcium. Keep out of reach of Pets & children. Clean yourself well after Care.